Application Status Of Three-layer Coextrusion Film Blowing Machine In Plastics Industry

- May 26, 2012-

The three-layer coextrusion film blowing machine occupies an important industry status in the plastics industry. Now the existing domestic film blowing machine manufacturers are mostly not adapt to the market demand and need to improve the technology to produce market film blowing machine.
(i) Diffusion and application of planar and cone-mode stacking.
(ii) improve the screw to adapt to a new plastic raw material performance, improve plasticizing capacity, increase production, reduce energy consumption, save energy.
(iii) 5 or more production of more than 5 layers of multi-layer coextrusion film blowing Machine.
(d) Heavy packaging film blow molding multi-layer coextrusion production.
(5) Production of environmentally-friendly film blowing machine, (such as water soluble film, starch film, photodegradation film, biodegradable membrane, etc.).
(vi) can produce high-performance film blow molding machine. (such as High-performance barrier film, High-performance nylon film, high-performance medical film and high-performance composite film, etc.). This enhances the product quality, enhances the membrane blowing machine technical transformation, enhances the equipment performance, is an urgent task, is also our country's blow molding machine manufacturer, also is our survival and the development path.