How To Operate The Film Blowing Machine Correctly Operation Notes Detailed

- Aug 18, 2012-

The film blowing machine is the plastic particles heated to melt and then blown into a film. Film Blowing machine is divided into many kinds, there are PE, POF, PVC and so on. The film blowing machine with a new particle blown out is fresh material, the color is said to be clean, the bag stretched well.
Considerations for installation of film blowing machine
Film Blowing machine installation should pay attention to adjust the extruder head centerline and the center of the traction roll to maintain horizontal vertical, not deviate from skew. When rewinding the volume due to the increase in the outside diameter, please pay attention to the traction speed and rewinding speed, please adjust. After the host is open, pay close attention to the operation of the host, adjust, correct, electrical instrument, controller to ensure its normal operation. Main gear box, traction gearbox should often refueling, replace gear oil, the new machine please use 10 days or so to replace the new gear oil to ensure that the rotation part of the normal operation, pay attention to refueling, prevent jammed and overheating damage, but also check the connection parts of the fastening situation, to prevent Luo Bolt loose. The compressed air in the bubble tube should be kept in proper amount, because during the traction process, the compressed air leakage will be brought out, please add it in time.
The film blowing machine generally uses several people to operate
First, no matter how much equipment, each class must have more than 2 people on duty, which is related to the safety of production, do not careless.
Blown 1200mm film, the following 3 machines can be maintained per class of 2 people unchanged (the principle is the need to configure a good mixer, preferably together with the feeder machine configuration). If there are 6 machines, each class can be configured 3-4 people, should be able to meet the needs, the specific look at their own platoon.
1, equipment without heating, heating temperature and time is not required to start the extruder and rotary die, or damage equipment.
2, in the raw materials to check whether there is wet material, wet material can not be mixed, must be dried after drying room to use.
3, die head and die cleaning can only use copper pieces to clear the mold, not with a shovel knife, iron scraping the mold mouth, otherwise it will cause damage to the mold mouth.
4, the film Blowing Machine Guide roller, including rubber rollers and rewinding rollers, can not be cut with a blade, otherwise it will cause the scratch of the guide roller.
5, Extruder filter and Corona processor must be regularly replaced filtration and cleaning, general requirements in 24 hours to 48 hours to replace the filter screen and the use of alcohol cleaning corona Processor Silicone rollers. Filter Mesh Specifications: Two layer 80 mesh, one layer 100 purpose three layer filter net.
6, Corona processor guide roller without film walking not to open Corona processor, once the film cut-off or shutdown, should be emergency shutdown Corona processor, to avoid the Corona processor burnout.
7, no corona treatment or corona treatment does not reach more than 38 of the film can not be put into the finished product, otherwise it will cause a major accident of composite quality.