Maintenance Of The Concentrated Feeding System In The Film Blowing Machine

- Jun 05, 2012-

Film Blowing machine centralized feeding system to the plastic products industry has brought many benefits, more and more far from the outstanding enterprises to buy plastic film machine to concentrate on the feeding system, it can help production enterprises to improve the degree of automation, enhance corporate image, reduce production costs, improve product quality, to obtain more orders.
Dongguan Plastic Billiton Machinery Co., Ltd. to provide customers with film blowing machine centralized feeding system equipment at the same time, together to provide a good service, the centralized feeding system maintenance, so that customers buy at ease, use assured. So how to maintain the film blowing machine centralized feeding system? In order to enable the centralized feeding system equipment to long-term stability of the work, the need for customers to maintain the conventional equipment maintenance, film blowing machine centralized feeding maintenance generally divided into four aspects.
First, daily maintenance
Responsible for the main equipment of the centralized feeding system, carry out the observation of the shift, record its operation, do the registration and handover, such as the parameters of the central console set the situation, the operation of the vacuum station sound, dust disposal equipment dust treatment, raw material transmission status is smooth, compressed air is in the normal range, there is no material phenomenon.
Second, the maintenance of the month
Regular monthly inspection of the centralized feeding system equipment, such as tightness inspection of pipe connectors, filter cleaning of dust removal devices, inspection of seals, inspection of check valves and cutting valves, inspection of electrical parts, etc.
Third, quarterly maintenance and maintenance
Every quarter maintenance check, such as the temperature rise of the air blower of the vacuum station, the tightness of the conveying pipeline, the situation of the corners, the situation of the compressed air hose, the situation of the cylinder, solenoid valve, the situation of the transparent hose, etc.
IV. Annual Maintenance and Maintenance
Every year to the centralized feeding system equipment, the overall maintenance, the best use of the holiday equipment overhaul, replacement of vulnerable parts. In order to improve the utilization of equipment, the normal operation of equipment, inseparable from the normal maintenance of equipment.