The Development Of Film Blowing Machine In China's Greenhouse Into Industrialization

- Mar 03, 2012-

It is understood that the emergence of membrane film blowing machine in China has greatly promoted agricultural production in China, which can be said to be a milestone in the innovation. Subsequently derived from plastic industrial film, agricultural film, greenhouse membrane, garbage bags, food bags, clothing bags and a variety of packaging bags, film blowing machine production into the industrial era.
The development of film blowing machine in China's greenhouse into industrialization
Plastic film blowing machine, also divided into high-low pressure film blowing machine, high and low pressure ultra-thin film blowing machine, degradation blown film machine, bump buckle self-bag color film blowing unit, double color film blowing unit, large blown film machine, lifting rotating head blown film machine, wide-type polypropylene film blowing machine. The film blowing unit has the following characteristics: The main engine cancels the reducer, the motor through the belt pulley directly drive the main screw rotation, simple operation, easy maintenance; host using inverter motor, efficient energy-saving, increased the stability of the host, energy-saving 30%; screw, material cylinder using 38 chromium molybdenum steel, after nitriding treatment, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, long service life The Machine Head adopts layered screw mandrel, can rotate 360 degrees continuously, make the thickness of the film more uniform, especially suitable for laminating film and printing film.