The Price Increase Of Paper Packaging Has Promoted The Development Of Film Blowing Machine Industry

- May 18, 2012-

With the requirements of the paper industry more and more stringent, environmental protection and energy saving new indicators to improve the paper industry threshold, resulting in paper packaging costs, price increase. This promotes the development of the film blowing machine industry, so that the plastic packaging in the market share of the corresponding increase. According to statistics, the global flexible packaging market in the next period of time will continue to grow by 3.5% a year, the world's soft packaging industry consumption is expected to increase to 29.8 million tons in 2018.
However, the application scope of the film blowing machine is mainly based on the different materials, such as PP film blowing machine output of the membrane applicable to a variety of supermarket shopping bags, bacteria bags, such as the hardness of the tensile strength and brightness of the bag is not high, and high-pressure PE blown out of the film suitable for a variety of fresh bag, the return of the film suitable for all kinds of garbage bags, etc. Film Blowing machine is widely used in various industries.
Plastic food packaging plays an increasingly important role in ensuring food safety, and people have put forward higher requirements for packaging products. In addition to widely used in food packaging, plastic packaging has been further to industrial packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, building materials packaging, cosmetic packaging and other areas of development, its scope of use and prospects more and more broad. When the soft packaging gradually become the protagonist of food packaging materials, and film blowing machine is the industry's most important mechanical equipment, film blowing machine quality and film blowing technology determines the quality of film forming.
The film blowing machine blows out a special fresh-keeping film, uses the advanced technology, causes the fruit vegetables to endure to put on. In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental protection needs, plastic film blowing machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, adjust the industrial model, to promote the plastic industry to the high-end. Film Blowing machine machinery manufacturing industry produced a new film blowing machine, film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, heat shrink film blowing machine, etc., to meet the market on a variety of products packaging, high-end blown film quality has won the favor of high-grade packaging.
With the development of the new material industry supported by the State, the implementation of the policy of encouraging sustainable development and the stringent environmental policy. Today, plastic has invaded all aspects of people's lives, no longer simple daily use of bottles, films, tires, etc., but more infiltration into sophisticated products, and become irreplaceable materials. Thus, the plastic film blowing machine has brought great development space.
New indicators of environmental protection reduce the survival of the paper industry, resulting in cost expansion, price rise, which makes plastic packaging in the market share of the corresponding increase, stimulating the film blowing machine manufacturing machinery industry development. At the same time, environmental protection and energy-saving technology in the film blowing machine machinery industry attention, to promote the film blowing machine to the high-end level.