paper core making machine

Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine,​This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws,or small paper tube as pen tubes such as 5mm; 6mm; 8mm, 10mm etc.

Product Details

It’s gone from millions to hundreds of millions, [and] now we’re in the billions. It’s a big space. But we’re seeing rapid conversion. The real interesting thing is, and one of the reasons that an Aardvark straw works and a China[-made straw] doesn’t, is there’s still an art to it... to make it quality 100 percent of the time takes an operator months of training. It’s not like you push a button and you sit back and watch it. It doesn’t work that way. The China-made straws, the China-made machines with the China-made label... I’m sure there’ll be some incremental improvements in quality [there], but again, because of the materials and the process that Aardvark uses, that’s what the differential point is.

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