Paper Straw Maker

Paper Drinking Straw Making Machine,​This Machine is suitable for producing different sizes of paper straws,or small paper tube as pen tubes such as 5mm; 6mm; 8mm, 10mm etc.

Product Details

When we sign an agreement to provide dedicated capital to that organization, it takes a few months to get the equipment in, get the operators trained. Then you start phasing in. You do the first 25 stores, then the next 100, then the next 200 and 500, and in about four or five months’ period, then they’ve got a full ramp-up. And that’s true whether it’s Disney or SeaWorld or McDonald’s or Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks. Because McDonald’s alone could say, “We’re going now,” and they would try to buy up all the capacity, and nobody else would get a straw. That’s not fair. Obviously we’re going to take care of those customers that have been with us for many, many years: the Disneys, the SeaWorlds. We’re going to take care of environmentally sensitive areas, areas that have straw bans.

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