Art Paper Reel Cutting Machine

Art Paper Reel Cutting Machine

Art Paper Reel Cutting Machine 1.Unwinding unit (1) Machine shelf adopts cast quality steel plate (2) Adopts air pressure automatic lifting function (3) Lifting adopts 150 model double cylinder start (4) Magnetic powder tension control system (5) Control type :Use potentiometer control (6)...

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Art Paper Reel Cutting Machine

3.Traction device:

1.        Structure style:active traction and passive press fasten style

2.        Based seat is casting structure 

3.        Traction roller is rubber roller

4.        Press fasten style: controlled by pneumatic

5.        Press fasten cylinder

6.        Transmission guide roller: aluminum guide roller

7.        Traction motor adopts servo motor,Drive in-phase fix the length  

8.        Length can be adjustable by PLC


4 . Material delivery structure:

1.        Adopt motor and shift gears combination ways

2.        Main motor: speed adjusted by transducer

3.        Transducer: VT Brand

4.        Drive style: drove by main motor and traction through active roller

5.        Transmission: adopts triangle belt and belt wheel together structure

6.        Material-delivery: adopts floating backrest structure for buffer action to keep material

7.        Floating upper and lower tension adopts pneumatic traction Cylinder

8.        Floating guide roller: adopts aluminum guide roller

9.        Whole material-delivery structure will be controlled by displacement sensor



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